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A transnational project launched to promote sustainable outdoor sports education across Europe!

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The Sustainability and Outdoor Education (SEE) project aims to enhance the protection of natural landscapes through education on responsible outdoor behaviour across Europe. This will be achieved through collaboration between outdoor sports professionals and conservation organisations across Europe.

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Last News

Outdoor sports training providers head to Spain for Train-the-Trainer program

As the project enters its final year, the next phase of the SEE project involves testing and evaluating the toolkit (WP3). On Monday, 13 selected training providers will meet in La Seu d’Urgell for a train-the-trainer program with the leaders from each project partner. The 13 training providers from 8 different EU countries, represent outdoor sports like hiking, climbing, mountaineering, surfing, swimming, sailing, canoeing, mountain biking and speleology. Read more

SEE Project enters final phase in 2023

As the project enters its final year, the next phase involves testing and evaluating the toolkit (WP2), and then towards the latter part of the year, the dissemination of the toolkit (WP4). The project partners forward to attending the next meeting in La Seu d’Urgell, Spain in early February where the drafted toolbox will be tested among a selection of different outdoor sports providers. Read more


The first work package of the SEE Project (WP1) analysed the challenges of sport in nature and the current developments in environmental education for outdoor professionals. The final report from WP1 provides information on how visible environmental and sustainability issues are on federations’ websites and as to how well these are communicated. To determine best practice examples, the partners agreed to analyse websites and information (within their countries and other countries) that tend to use the natural environment. Read more

Project Partners

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